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Craig Washignton Client Testimonial
Craig Washignton Client Testimonial

Paul, Torquay

'Craig's methods, approach and way of getting me to actually put in the effort has done me the world of good since hiring him 18 months ago. Having never been into regular exercise (or, er, any!!) let alone a gym member before, my lifestyle has transformed into going multiple times a week to achieve my goals - in no small part due to Craig and his encouragement and motivation. The results we have achieved also now push me to do more, as I know that with his help it is just a matter of time and effort, combined with his ability to change things up as needed to maintain progress!!

I have lost just over 3 stone since starting training with Craig as my Personal Trainer, and my jean size has dropped from a 36" to have some room to spare in a 30". All in a space of the first year of training, just with an hour or 2 of extra training and motivation with Craig, and then some 'homework' set by Craig outside of our gym time. The other key to this success has been the changes we have made to my diet - again all Craig's instruction, and when I finally listened to him about dropped certain foods, the last 1/2 stone fell off me in literally a matter of weeks. I'm now putting it back on slowly, steadily, in a controlled manner, but most importantly; as muscle!! I do also have to admit it does help he's a nice guy - shhhhh don't tell him I said that but it's true! I work harder because I don't want to let the effort he's putting in down. He makes the gym more fun, but pushes you past your 'limits' when needed, but always in a good way!

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just get in shape you need to hire Craig as your Personal Trainer as he will give you the results you are looking for!! I can't wait for the next 12 months progress!!'

Lauren, Greenwich

Personal Trainer Testimonial

'I initially approached Craig because I wanted to learn how to lift weights properly without injuring myself. Having never lifted before, I knew how important it was to learn good form, especially on the big complicated compound movements like squats and deadlifts. With Craig, I feel I am in safe hands and I trust his advice as he has been guiding me through the process of learning to lift with good technique. Since starting to work together in April 2013, not only do I continue to set new personal records on my major lifts almost every week but I have also lost 35lbs, improved my posture and my overall fitness.

I highly recommend Craig as a Personal Trainer - he is very respectful, really listens to you as a client, adapts the programme to meet your goals and needs, is knowledgable on a range of training approaches and gives sound nutritional advice. He also isn't a walkover and will push you when you need it (in a good way!). I'm looking forward to seeing what we will continue achieve together over the next twelve months.'

Carly, Cornwall

Personal Training Testimonial Torbay

'A month ago, Craig managed to do the impossible and talk me into hiring him as a personal trainer but I'm really pleased he did! Craig is really fun to work with and for someone like me who gets easily bored working out on my own, he manages to make the gym seem really fun (even when I'm feeling like I could collapse with exhaustion!). If you're looking for someone to motivate you and get some great results then Craig is your guy! Really looking forward to all the rest of the sessions. Can't imagine how anyone else could convince me to do 6am starts! Well done!'

Client Testimonial Personal Trainer Torquay

Nigel, Torquay

'I've been training with Craig for a year and a half and we've seen some great results. From losing weight and toning up to gaining strength and muscle. He's always on hand to offer advice and encouragement. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health, no matter what their fitness goals.

We train both in the gym and outside, when it's warm enough, and he has been on hand to help with my fitness goals and also really helped me sort my diet out'

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