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Winter training

My name's Craig and I'm a Personal Trainer in Torquay, Devon. This week I'm going to write a little bit about seasonal training. Autumn and Winter is a time of change. With the nights drawing in and days getting shorter, it can be seen as a depressing time for some. It can be harder to get up in the morning and also hard to find motivation.

The best way to combat that is through healthy eating and most importantly exercise. By keeping your diet clean and exercising 3-4 times a week you can help boost your metabolism and increase energy levels. Plus if you can manage those early morning workouts during this time of year with the often cold mornings; then spring and summer will be no problem at all!

Why start a new exercise regime in Autumn and Winter? The main reason is because I'm sure over the summer we all had holidays and 'relax' time. Exercising would have become something to 'fit in' as opposed to an essential part of your week, therefore you need to make it an essential part, no excuses. Lots of people feel at their 'fattest' or most out of shape leading up to and over the Winter months, so you can prevent this by starting a new exercise plan now.

Keep an end goal in mind. Although next summer seems like a long time away, the reality is people start getting in shape for their summer break much too late. Usually people come to me in January or February to train with a summer holiday in mind, and although with the right training it is possible; it is hard work. By starting your new workout plan for next summer now, it gives you a clear time frame and lots of time to get that ideal body you are looking for.

I have started my own new workout plan for example in October and I'm just over a month in. My goal over the next 2 months is to reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle mass (Yes Personal Trainers have that type of goal too). To do this I'm still doing my weight training but I am mixing things up and increasing the number of sets and reps for each exercise, in turn decreasing some of the weight I lift. This is a test on my endurance and has helped keep my training interesting and most of all; a new challenge. I have also slightly upped the cardio levels to help with this and of course I'm keeping my diet clean.

You can do this too! Not necessarily by doing what I am, as we all have different end goals and targets. You can change your workouts to include different set types such as super sets, tri sets, giants sets, drop sets etc. Also by implementing new workouts that includes plyometric (explosive) exercise, Cross fit or functional training, weight training, interval cardio sessions etc.

Of course you may be new to exercise altogether and need to start from scratch. Although daunting, there is nothing more fulfilling than setting a new workout goal and watching in the mirror each week as you start to realise the body/physique or new fitness level you are looking for. As a plus you will benefit from added energy in your everyday life as well as keep your mental health positive.

So don't wait until the new year to implement change in your exercise plan. If you change now and implement the correct training techniques for your goals, whether you are new to working out or experienced, you will achieve much better results. Also by next January, instead of starting from scratch, you can increase the intensity and develop what you are already doing.

So how are you going to change this Autumn and Winter? Are you going to start taking your exercise and diet seriously or get left behind?

If you need any advice, assistance or would like a free Personal Trainer consultation if you live in Torquay, Torbay or the surrounding area in Devon, the please do not hesitate to contact me at You can also follow me on twitter at @CWashingtonPT

Thanks for reading,

Craig Washington, Personal Trainer

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