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With summer approaching I'm encountering more and more people across Torbay who want to get 'in shape' for the holidays. Living in Torquay, I see lots of people come on their holiday here, but also see the locals who are either heading down to the beach or away on holiday themselves; and they too want to get in shape. It has meant I have recently had some conversations with my clients and also gym members about their individual motivations to become healthier or simply 'get in shape'. 

How many times have you decided you need to get in shape, had lots of plans and things you're going to do when you're in shape and then 2 months later; no change...? Usually in January after an excessive festive period or a month or two before a holiday...?
If you are one of these people (pretty much everyone at some point in their life), it all boils down to one thing; you don't want it enough! Sounds harsh I agree. But there will be deeper reasons as to why this is the case. In most occasions your targets are just too unrealistic and when you don't see instant results you give up!
You can plan for everything; the workouts you're going to do, the new 'fad' diet you want to follow, the dress size or trouser size you are going to fit into etc. However, you will often find you lose the motivation half way through your new workout regime or diet plan and regress to the same fitness level you were, or even worse you'll be in worse shape!
Essentially you have chosen either the wrong goals and targets or you generally don't want them enough. Try and visualise a reason you want to get in shape, whether it's to build muscle, lose body fat, gain in fitness levels or any other fitness target. Put a time frame in place that is long term, at least 2-3 months and set actual targets related to your goal. If it's muscle gain; how much? If it's losing body fat or weight; then how much? If you want to get fit for a certain event e.g. a 10km run how fast do you want to run it in?
Unless you set a clear 'end goal' you will not actually achieve anything. The important part is to then break those goals down into smaller manageable cycles like; what you want to achieve after the first 2 weeks, the first month etc of the 3 month overall goal. This way you can hold yourself accountable and track progress.
It's easier said than done saying 'you don't want it enough', but try and visualise targets and goals that actually mean something to you. Delve deeper into why you want to hit these targets. Once you have a reason and a driving force behind you, hold onto it. Remind yourself of it everyday or at least everytime you train, to help give you that added motivation.
In the end if you want something and put your mind to it and be the best you can be you will hit your fitness goals. Don't be that person who wants something for the wrong reasons and loses focus. Keep your focus and you will be amazed what you can acheive.
If you need any help in formulating realistic goals, putting them into a workable time frame and then breaking them down into smaller targets do not hesitate to contact me at You can also follow me on the following social media platforms for daily advice;

Twitter: @CWashingtonPT
Instagram: @CWashingtonPT
Facebook: @CWashingtonPT
Thanks for reading!
Craig Washington, Personal Trainer Torbay

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